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Tucson Tax and License Online (Website)

Tucson Tax and License Online(PDF, 113KB)

Through this site you can apply for a new Tucson business license, file a business (sales) tax return, pay license fees and taxes due, review account information, and contact tax and license representatives for help with any questions you may have.

The Use Tax has an indirect benefit to Tucson businesses because it removes the incentive for businesses or individuals to shop outside the State in order to avoid paying City and State Privilege Tax.

Below are links to available information on the City of Tucson Use Tax.

Use Tax - The Basics(PDF, 42KB)

If you wish to view all available brochures please see the Business License and Tax Information page.

Taxpayer Notice(PDF, 32KB)

This link gives a description of the Use Tax.

Use Tax Ordinance(PDF, 568KB)

This is the ordinance passed by Mayor and Council on May 5, 2003 during Regular Session

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