Environmental Services Codes

The City of Tucson’s Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing property maintenance codes throughout the City of Tucson. These codes ensure owners maintain their property which helps to protect citizens’ health, safety and welfare. We have a direct impact on preserving the livability and property values of Tucson’s neighborhoods by enforcing the following regulations:

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Exterior Property Issues

  • Storage: Excessive or not properly screened
  • Vegetation: Accumulation of weeds and/or grass in excess of 6"
  • Junked or Inoperable Vehicles
  • Refuse: Accumulated on private property
  • Dilapidated buildings and/or structures
  • Vacant, unsecured, boarded structure
  • General building maintenance
  • Dilapidated fence or accessory building
  • Peeling exterior paint, more than 50% of the building
  • Unsecured pools and spas

Interior Property Issues

  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Lack of utilities, heating, or cooling
  • Pests, cockroaches, rodents
  • Unsafe living conditions
  • Electrical hazards


  • Construction: lacking required permits; hazardous modifications
  • Signs: prohibited; lacking required permit
  • Yard Sales: in excess of four (4) per calendar year
  • Unapproved home occupation business
  • Peddler: lacking required permit; compliance with regulations
  • Zoning: lack of certificate of occupancy; building setbacks
  • Grading of desert landscape: lacking required permits

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