Graffiti FAQ

City of Tucson Graffiti FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What methods of reporting graffiti can I use?
A: You can call 792-CITY (2489) 24 hours a day, email to or access our online request form or download application to your smart phone.
Q: Who do I contact if I’m not in the City limits?
A: If your property is outside of the City limits, you would contact the Pima County’s graffiti abatement hotline 792-TAAG. 
Q: How do I know if I’m in the City or in the County?
A: You can call us at 792-2489, ask for the Graffiti Removal Program and our Customer Service Representative can look-up your address on our map
Q: What types of things/objects will the City remove graffiti from?
A: Our contractor will remove graffiti on surfaces within the City right-of way, from commercial and public properties such as, power poles, exterior walls around property, etc.  Commercial property owners and Homeowners are responsible for removing graffiti on their buildings or areas within their property.
Q: If the utility box belongs to the electric, gas or cable company, will the City still remove the graffiti or do I need to contact someone else?
A: If you have identified the box, please call the utility.  If you cannot identify the box, the City will attempt to identify it and refer the graffiti to the utility.
Q: What if the site I'm reporting is vacant or abandoned and there is no access for the contractor to remove the graffiti?
A: We recommend that you call the City of Tucson, Code Enforcement at 791-5843 to open a case; they will make every effort to contact the property owner to inform them of the violation.
Q: If there is graffiti on a new construction site, will the City remove the graffiti?
A: Until a certificate of occupancy is issued for the property, graffiti removal is the responsibility of the builder or contractor.
Q: Is there anything I can purchase to remove graffiti from my own property?
A: Home improvement and hardware stores carry several different graffiti removal products.
Q: If I have graffiti on an unpainted block wall, how does the contractor remove the graffiti?
A: The contractor uses a degreaser type substance and high pressured hot water to do the removal.
Q: What if my wall is painted; will the City use a standard gray paint?
A: No, our contractor will make every attempt to match the color of your wall, therefore, it make take more time to complete your request if your paint needs to be special ordered.
Q: How much will it cost me to use your service?
A: There is no fee assessed for this service, our goal is to keep Tucson beautiful.
Q: Is it appropriate to call 911 to report graffiti?
A: Call 9-1-1 if you see someone in the act of applying graffiti. Otherwise you can contact the Tucson Police Department’s non-emergency line at 791-4444.
Q: Should I report all graffiti to the Tucson Police Department?
A: If you would like to report a case of graffiti in your area or on your property, we urge you to do so as this will assist us in keeping track of the individuals who vandalize our community; however, it is not necessary for the removal. 
Q: If I report graffiti to the City of Tucson Graffiti Removal Program, will their staff report the incident to the police department?
A: Tucson Police has access to our information should they need it for prosecution purposes. 
Q: Does the City remove graffiti from the I-10 & I-19 interstates?
A: Both interstates are maintained by the Arizona Department of Transportation. To report graffiti on the interstate you can call 388-4200 for I-10 or 388-4200 for I-19.
Q: Will the contractor remove graffiti from vehicles?
A: No. For the protection of the vehicle, we urge owners to coordinate with their insurance carrier to report and remove graffiti. 
Q: What methods of graffiti abatement are used?
A: The type of surface determines the method of removal. Our contractor currently paints, cleans with high-pressured water, or soda blasts the affected surfaces.