Get Fire Code Information and Permits


  • Plan Submittals - Shall meet the requirements of the 2016 NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, and 72 Standards.
  • Attention: Fire Protection Systems Inspection/Testing Companies - 2018 TFC 901.6.3 Records. Inspections and tests shall be by qualified individuals, who shall forward a report of inspection to the fire code official upon completion. Send to: TFD-SYSTEM- unless using the IROL reporting system.

Permit Applications

Permits and plans shall be submitted to:


Tucson Water Plans shall be submitted to:

Fire Construction Permit Submittal Requirements:

Fire Alarm Submittal Checklist(PDF, 50KB)
Fire Sprinklers Submittal Checklist(PDF, 26KB)
Fire Underground Submittal Checklist(PDF, 16KB)
Fire Pump Submittal Checklist(PDF, 13KB)
Standpipe Submittal Checklist(PDF, 13KB)
Hood Suppression Submittal Checklist(PDF, 19KB)
Clean Agent Suppression System Checklist(PDF, 59KB)
UST and AST Submittal Checklists(PDF, 32KB)
* TFD Approved Contractors List


Fire Operational Permit Submittal Requirements:

TFD Special Events Permit (Incl. tents and fireworks) See 'Information' section below.
State Licensed Facilities - Submit any document(s) required by your inspector
Other Operational Permits - Submit any document(s) required by your inspector (HMIS and HMPP Info below)


New Construction or Tenant Improvement (TI) Inspections:

Call at least one day prior to the inspection to confirm date, time, and meeting place. This applies to:

  • Underground Pressure Tests and fFushes
  • Overhead Pressure Tests
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Finals
  • Fire Alarm Finals
  • And other special permits

Calling Your Inspection In

  1. Call 520-791-3111
  2. Leave a message with:
    • The inspection request number (the system will prompt this)
    • Contact number
    • Any special instructions (IE. "Please call 520-xxx-xxxx 30 min. prior to arriving for the inspection").
      Leaving a message on the permit line does not guarantee you will get the time your requested, but all attempts will be made.
  3. Call one of the inspectors listed below at 520-791-4502 to schedule an inspection time.
    • If you don't get an answer, leave a message and call another inspector until you get a confirmed time for the inspection.

Please Note:

  • Longer inspections (e.g. system certification tests) should be called-in further in advance.
  • We do not have access to the messages until the day the inspection is scheduled.
  • Other contractors may have already scheduled the time slots you preferred.
  • Inspections requested for times outside regular business hours are subject to additional fees.


Fire Marshal

Michael Ashford
300 S Fire Central Place
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 791-4502

New Construction/Fire Protection Systems Unit

John Vincent

Fire Plans Examiner
Jennifer Peel-Davis
Phone: (520) 837-7033

Fire Protection Systems Inspectors - (520)791-4502
Chris Basaldua
John Fordney
Will Motto
Michael Ross

Code Enforcement Unit

(incl. General Inspections, Special Events and Complaints)
Tyler Berndt
Phone: (520) 791-4502

Lead Inspector
Jimmy Hinrichs
Special Events (incl. Tents, Events, Fireworks, etc)
Phone: (520)-837-7116

Special Hazards Unit

(incl. Hazardous Waste, Licensed Care Facilities, USTs and ASTs)
Nick Janton
Phone: (520) 837-7117
Fax: (520) 791-3231

Fire Investigations Unit

Andy Skaggs
Phone: (520) 791-4502

Fire Code and COT Amendments

The City of Tucson has adopted and enforces the the 2018 International Fire Code w/ Local Amendments


Commercial Properties

Addressing requirements - Commercial/Residential

Premises Identification(PDF, 495KB)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Systems (used in beverage dispensing applications)

CO2 Permit Requirements(PDF, 414KB)

Fire Access Roads

Fire Access Roads(PDF, 240KB)

Firewatch requirements alarm/sprinkler system out of service

Fire Watch Information(PDF, 106KB)

Key Lock Boxes and Gate Switches

Commercial Knox Box Instructions(PDF, 480KB)

Hazardous Materials

HMIS and HMMP Instructions

HMIS and HMMP Instructions(PDF, 237KB)

Aboveground Storage Tank installation guidelines:

AST requirements(PDF, 40KB)

Underground Storage Tank installation guidelines:

UST requirements(PDF, 34KB)
UST Relines(PDF, 27KB)
UST Abandonment in Place(PDF, 24KB)

Liquefied Petroleum Gases requirements:

LPGrequirements(PDF, 31KB)

Residential Properties

Key Lock Boxes and Gate Switches

Residential Knox Box Instructions(PDF, 480KB)

Emergency Egress Requirements for Doors and Windows

Emergency Egress(PDF, 102KB)

Code requirements for allowable recreational fires

Recreational Fires and Outdoor Fireplaces(PDF, 98KB)

Code Requirements For Residential Barbeques

BBQs(PDF, 72KB) and Open Flame Devices(PDF, 102KB)

Special Events

Tent and Membrane Structures Requirements

Tents Submittal Guidelines(PDF, 861KB)

Cooking Booth information

Cooking Booths(PDF, 34KB)

Mobile Food Trucks and Trailers

TFD Mobile Food Trucks, Trailers, and Carts Guidelines(PDF, 310KB)

BBQs and Other Open Flame Devices

BBQs, Candles, and Lanterns(PDF, 162KB)

Consumer Fireworks - Permissible (CFWs)

Legal vs. Non-legal Fireworks (AZ)(PDF, 517KB)
CFW Compliance Checklist(PDF, 86KB)
CFW Requirements and Permit Application(PDF, 449KB)
Required Signage - English(PDF, 77KB)
Required Signage - Spanish(PDF, 62KB)

Display Fireworks and Pyrotechnics

Fireworks Permit Requirements(PDF, 18KB)
Fireworks Application(PDF, 125KB)
Pyrotechnics Permit Requirements(PDF, 10KB)
Pyrotechnics Application(PDF, 2MB)
Shooter Card Program Guidelines(PDF, 68KB)
Shooter Card Application(PDF, 1MB)

*TFD Business Assistance Program

Operating a business presents many challenges. As a business owner you may be responsible for complying with Federal, State, and local regulations. These regulations can range from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the International Fire Code (IFC). Many companies do not have the resources or the time to keep abreast of these complex and ever changing regulations.

The Tucson Fire Department Business Assistance Program was created to assist small to medium size businesses understand and follow the International Fire Code as adopted by the City of Tucson. In addition to these regulations the Business Assistance Program team has arranged to act as a liaison with the various agencies that may have an impact on your business.

Though the BAU will not do the work of a Fire Protection Engineer, (if required); through this program; your business can receive non-regulatory assistance ranging from answering questions over the phone to individual visits to your facility.

Because the program is separate from the enforcement units within the Tucson Fire Department, violation field notices will not be issued (except for imminent fire hazards). Our free on-site visits will allow our assistance personnel to identify potential problems before they become an issue with the various regulatory agencies.

If there are any regulatory concerns our assistance people will be able to direct your company to the right agency that will be able to provide you with advice.

The Business Assistance Unit offers assistance in a non-regulatory capacity to help your business maintain compliance and has arranged for experts in:

IFC (International Fire Code)
OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
DOT (Department of Transportation)
IBC (International Building Code)

Call the Tucson Fire Department Fire Prevention Office and ask for the Business Assistance Unit (520) 791-4502.