Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program

HUD’s funding of the City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Department’s application for the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program will target and serve low to very-low income families with children under six years of age— residing or frequenting owner occupied or rental housing built prior to 1978. Over a three-year period, the City and its partners will use $2,900,000 of HUD funding to directly assist an estimated 180 vulnerable households.


(HUD income limits(PNG, 61KB) apply)

Our goals and objectives are nine fold:

  1. We will eliminate and/or control all identified lead hazards in 180 housing units for low to very-low income families with children under six years of age.
  2. We will conduct recruitment and training of minority and low-income lead contractors and worker.
  3. We will conduct outreach programs in the training faith-based and grass-roots organizations.
  4. We will provide opportunities to participants in the training programs.
  5. We will also implement programs that will effectively increase the number of children screened for lead poisoning by working closely with the Health Department and other working partners.
  6. We will implement a primary prevention program which identifies children under six years of age with elevated blood levels, but are not yet lead poisoned.
  7. We will develop a Preventative Maintenance Program for continued lead-safe units.
  8. We will develop a fair housing initiative by conducting workshops and training seminars to housing providers—both public and private, civic and community-based organizations, as well as City and County officials.
  9. Finally, we will provide lead training and awareness in the City of Tucson and on a Regional basis involving Pima County.

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