Donations and Memorials


You can donate to Tucson Parks and Recreation through the Tucson Parks Foundation.

Tucson Parks and Recreation also offers other opportunities for recognizing or memorializing family members and friends, and for recognizing individuals' and groups' extraordinary accomplishments or contributions to the betterment of the Tucson community and its citizens. 

Memorial Benches

If you would like donate to Tucson Parks and Recreation for the purpose of installing a bench with a plaque in memory of a deceased individual, submit a request online using the Bench Request Form.  Memorial benches must be chosen from the benches available on the Bench Request Form. Tucson Parks and Recreation cannot install benches purchased from, or fabricated by, any other source.

Tucson Parks and Recreation will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the applicants regarding bench location. However, consideration must be given to the ambiance and management plan for any park. The final decision on these issues will be at the discretion of the Administration. We are unable to accept requests for additional memorial benches at Alvernon Park, Gene C. Reid Park (including the Cele Peterson Rose Garden), La Madera Park, or Rio Vista Natural Resource Park.

Because each memorial bench and park is a unique situation, the process to install a memorial bench may take longer than expected, sometimes as long as 6 months.  Donors will be required to submit a Memorial Bench Agreement (example) prior to the bench order.

Plaque Only Purchase: In some cases, an option may exist to purchase a plaque for an existing bench. Tucson Parks and Recreation does not have an inventory of benches without plaques however, if you locate a bench with an empty space for a plaque, you can submit a Bench Request Form indicating "Plaque only" to begin the process.

Please call Parks Administration at 520-791-4873 for additional information.

Additional Memorial Materials

For the safety of all park users, and for ease of maintenance, placing memorial materials in parks or adorning memorial benches and trees with additional items is prohibited. Park staff will remove and discard any mementos and keepsakes found in parks.

Commemorative Tree Dedications

Dedication sites at the Pantano River Park commemorative gardens have all been purchased by community members as of February 2018. Other options and locations are being explored. To see potential future areas or to indicate your interest in participating in future memorial plantings, please visit Tucson Clean and Beautiful's Commemorative Tree Dedication Interest page.

Naming and Dedication of Parks and Recreational Amenities

Tucson Parks and Recreation follows City of Tucson Administrative Directive 1.02-19 Commemorative Naming of City-Owned Physical Assets(PDF, 814KB) when considering naming or renaming its assets. Please refer to the Administrative Directive for submission procedures. All namings, renamings, and dedications are subject to the following fees:

  • Parks: $10,000 (or more based on the costs associated with the naming or renaming including park signage)
  • Park amenities: $5,000 (or more based on the costs associated with the naming or renaming including signage)

Submit all request to:

Director, Tucson Parks and Recreation
900 S. Randolph Way
Tucson AZ 85716

Current Naming Applications

In accordance with the City of Tucson Administrative Directive 1.02-19 Commemorative Naming of City-Owned Physical Assets(PDF, 814KB), the following applications have been received and verified for completeness by Tucson Parks and Recreation and are subject to a 45-day Public Comment Period. To comment on an application, please send letters to: