Building Codes

International Building Codes

The City of Tucson has adopted the 2018 International Building Codes with local amendments. All permits application safter January 2, 2019 will use the 2018 Codes.

These codes can be found at the public library, and/or purchased through the International Code Council (ICC).

Each code has been amended to accommodate the City of Tucson. See amendments below.

City of Tucson IBC Local Amendments

Adopting Local Amendments to the Buidling Code is authorized by Ordinance #11590.

Green Building

The City of Tucson has adopted ordinances to support sustainable practices related to water and energy conservation. Some of these practices are required for certain types of new construction. 

  • Water and Energy Conservation - Ordinances pertaining to requirements for solar readiness, residential gray water, commercial water harvesting, and electric vehicle charging.
  • Water Harvesting Guidance Manual - The purpose of this manual is to provide basic information and design ideas to developers, engineers, designers, and contractors of commercial sites, public buildings, subdivisions, and public right of ways. The City of Tucson Unified Development Code includes requirements for water harvesting at these types of developments. The manual will also be useful for those interested in water harvesting on their existing or future home sites.

Modifications & Appeals

If you wish to file an administrative appeal to the codes, please visit Code Modification for information.