NoticeTucson is a personalized notification tool that emails citizens to inform them of opportunities for public input on proposed land-use changes.

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It can be challenging for members of the public to keep up with the development activity occurring in Tucson. Along with traditional outreach required by the Unified Development Code, NoticeTucson offers a way for interested parties to stay informed of proposed land use changes within selected areas.

NoticeTucson is not a part of the City’s legal public notice requirements, rather it supplements the legal notices.

Once you have registered, you will receive notices of special approval applications, such as Board of Adjustment variances and rezonings. A more detailed description of the types of activities that are included in NoticeTucson can be found here(PDF, 458KB).

Is a login required?

Yes. In order to select and save your notification settings, the creation of a login is necessary. Click on the "To Sign Up" button above to go to the NoticeTucson site, and use the create a log in and establish your notification settings. Once you have saved your notification settings, emails will begin automatically arriving to the email address you used to create your login. Once your settings are saved, you will not need to log in to NoticeTucson again unless you want to change your settings, such as adding, removing, or modifying notification types or geographies.

How to learn more…

Once you are logged into NoticeTucson, take advantage of the Take the Tour feature, on the top right hand side of the screen, to learn how to select notification categories, designate one or more geographic areas to receive notifications within, and establish the regularity with which you want to get notification emails.

You have the ability to set the kinds of notifications you wish to receive, the area for which you want to receive notifications, and the frequency of notifications. The simplest way to get set up is to click on the Neighborhood or Wards tabs on the lower left hand corner. Select which neighborhood or Ward for which you want to receive notifications and then check one to all of the notification types.

Click “OK” and that notification will appear under the “My Areas” tab. Select as many notification area and type combinations as you wish. Once you have saved them, they will all appear under the “My Areas” tab. Finally, clicking on the “My Account” tab, you can choose to receive emails once per day or once per week.

The About NoticeTucson link describes the various categories of special approvals in greater detail. It also provides information on how to engage in the public review process.

PLEASE NOTE: PDSD typically processes dozens of special approval applications at any time. If you register for NoticeTucson, the first email you will receive will include ALL items in your selected categories and for your selected geographies that are currently under review and have not yet been approved. Depending on your selections, the first email could contain a large number of projects. Subsequent emails will only contain notice of any NEW applications or project status changes.

Notification will be sent at various points in a project's review and approval process, which can range from several months to several years. The notification email will include the Current Status of the project, which will indicate where the project is in the review process. For more information on the meaning of a project's status click here.

Each project listed in the notification emails will include a link to PDSD’s Property Research Online, or PRO. PRO is a web-based portal that allows anyone to see submitted documents and other information associated with a project. The information on PRO is divided onto multiple sections including inspections, reviews, and documents. Under the Documents heading, you will find uploaded pdfs that may include the project application; acceptance letter from staff indicating the application was complete; any project plan, elevation, and/or photos; mailed notification forms; and approval letters. By clicking on the parcel number at the top of the pages, you can see any previous permit activity for that location, plus information regarding zoning, impact fee benefit area, and neighborhood.

The information on PRO is updated four times a day (9:30AM, 12:30PM, 3:30PM, 7:30PM). PRO will be briefly unavailable at each of these update times. Wait a minute and try the site again.

To see ALL projects currently in an active status in Tucson, go to PDSD’s Development Activity Map.

For questions about NoticeTucson or the PDSD website in general, contact

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