Sign Permits


In support of our community businesses, PDSD has waived the following requirements, effective immediately, until further notice:

  • Banner Permit 
  • A-Frame Sign Permit 
  • Banner Renewal Fee 
  • A-Frame Sign Renewal Fee 

Installation requirements and restrictions for these signs are still applicable.

The Sign Code Section reviews and issues permits for signs of all types including wall signs, freestanding signs, A-frame signs, banners, billboards and conducts inspections for sign permits.

For sign information, email

Contractors, submit permits by email to


Sign Permit Application(PDF, 1MB) - permanent signs and change of copy

Sign permit application for portable signs(PDF, 190KB)

A-Frame & Portable Sign Application for Private Property (currently waived)

A-Frame & Portable Sign Application for Public Right of Way (currently waived)

Banner Application (currently waived)

Sign Types and Abbreviations(PDF, 24KB)

Sign Construction & Illumination Abbreviations - for Permit Application(PDF, 132KB)

Sign Permit Fees

Permit inspection results (you will need the activity number for the permit)

Self Certification Inspection for Non-Illuminated Signs

PDSD has adopted a new policy to streamline simple sign inspections. The policy is for non-illuminated signs that are not subject to special inspection and allows sign contractors to self-certify their installations.

 Self Certification Policy(PDF, 428KB)

Sign Code (Section 7A Sign Standards - effective Feb 1, 2018)

NOTICE:  Newly adopted Sign Standards to go into effect on February 1, 2018.

On December 5, 2017, the City of Tucson Mayor and Council voted to adopt the proposed extensive revisions to the City Sign Code. Those revisions adopted helped to achieve the following goals:

  1. Comply with the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert (Reed)
  2. Simplify the Sign Code by integrating it into the Unified Development Code (UDC)
  3. Make practical changes that modernize the Code; Improve the quality of design and flexibility of the overall code, and ground it in technical standards.

The adopted sign ordinance with those new Sign Standards may be located here: Sign Standards - Ordinance #11508(PDF, 428KB)

Summary of Code Changes from the Sign Code to the Sign Standards (7a of the UDC)(PDF, 164KB)

Previous Sign Code Chapter 3 of the Tucson Code - repealed as of February 1, 2018(PDF, 702KB)

2007 Sign Code(PDF, 2MB) is provided for reference only

Historic Landmark Sign Ordinance

The Historic Landmark Sign (HLS) ordinance, approved by Mayor and Council in 2011, was established to encourage the maintenance, restoration and reuse of historic signs that reflect Tucson's unique character. 

HLS Treatment Plan(PDF, 148KB)

HLS 207 WAIVER Form(PDF, 525KB)

Sign Code Administration, Determination and Variance Process

Sign Code Compliance Letter Request(PDF, 39KB) - To request written information on current or proposed sign allowances for residential, commercial or industrial development, including: applicable code district, allowed square footage ratio, types, amount permitted, installation criteria, and/or development restrictions.

Sign Code Determination Process(PDF, 35KB)

Sign Code Interpretations/Determinations(PDF, 1MB)

Sign Code Variances  -  Are now heard by the Board of Adjustment.  Please email to schedule a staff pre-submittal meeting, and obtain information on the application process and public hearing schedule.

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