TPCHC Plans Review Subcommittee

The Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission (TPCHC) was established to advise the Mayor and Council, the City Planning and Development Services Department, the Board of Supervisors, and the applicable county officials on issues concerning historic sites, historic structures, and new construction and demolition within Historic Preservation Zones or Historic Landmarks within the community. The formal review functions of the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission are performed by the TPCHC Plans Review Subcommittee. See UDC Section 2.2.7 for more information.

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Meeting Date/Agendas and Materials

June 9, 2022(PDF, 129KB)

June 2, 2022(PDF, 121KB)

May 26, 2022(PDF, 128KB)

May 12, 2022(PDF, 129KB)

April 28, 2022(PDF, 129KB)

April 14, 2022(PDF, 81KB)

March 24, 2022(PDF, 126KB)

March 10, 2022(PDF, 129KB)

February 24, 2022(PDF, 127KB)

February 10, 2022(PDF, 124KB)

January 27, 2022(PDF, 128KB)

January 24, 2022 PRS Public Notice for site visit(PDF, 359KB)

January 13, 2022(PDF, 127KB)

December 16, 2021- Revised(PDF, 128KB)

December 9, 2021(PDF, 127KB)

November 18, 2021(PDF, 127KB)

October 28, 2021(PDF, 130KB)

October 14, 2021(PDF, 131KB)

September 23, 2021(PDF, 124KB)

September 9, 2021(PDF, 127KB)

August 26, 2021(PDF, 130KB)

August 12, 2021(PDF, 128KB)

July 22, 2021(PDF, 129KB)

July 8, 2021(PDF, 130KB)

June 24, 2021(PDF, 131KB)

June 10, 2021(PDF, 130KB)

May 27, 2021(PDF, 130KB)

May 13, 2021(PDF, 129KB)

April 22, 2021(PDF, 129KB)

April 8, 2021(PDF, 130KB)

March 25, 2021(PDF, 130KB)

March 11, 2021(PDF, 129KB)

February 25, 2021(PDF, 128KB)

February 11, 2021(PDF, 129KB)

January 28, 2021(PDF, 129KB)

January 14, 2021(PDF, 42KB)

December 23, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

December 17, 2020(PDF, 41KB) (CANCELED)

December 3, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

November 19, 2020(PDF, 42KB)

November 5, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

October 22, 2020(PDF, 42KB)

October 8, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

September 24, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

September 10, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

August 27, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

August 13, 2020(PDF, 41KB)

July 23, 2020(PDF, 40KB)

July 9, 2020(PDF, 119KB)

June 25, 2020(PDF, 38KB)

June 11, 2020(PDF, 39KB)

May 28, 2020(PDF, 39KB)

May 14, 2020(PDF, 38KB)

April 30, 2020(PDF, 300KB)

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